When you own your home, the prospect of any remodel can be overwhelming. The thought of a kitchen remodel can leave you shaking in your boots.

But, there is an easy way to give your kitchen a facelift with a traditional style and custom feel even over stock cabinetry.

Here we discuss a few reasons for glazed kitchen cabinets to make your space look sharper.

3 Great Reasons to Get Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

Glazing cabinets can be a foreign idea to most homeowners. It’s not like glazing a piece of pottery.

Having kitchen cabinets glazed goes one step further after painting your cabinets.

Cabinet glaze adds a second color into your cabinet finish. This is done by mixing the base paint color with a darker glaze for a thinner, more translucent version of the paint.

This mixture is rubbed into the lines and details of the cabinets and those details hold the glaze.

So, instead of flat white cabinets, you have a white cabinet with a more lived-in look because the details have been filled in with a darker color.

Why would you want this? Read on to find out.

A Custom Look Even On Pre-Fab Cabinets

Glazing is done by hand and adds a touch of old world charm to the room.

Adding this handpainted element through kitchen cabinets glazing allows you to choose a more affordable base cabinet while still achieving a custom look.

It will look more high end because it’s gone through a specialty treatment.

Instant Drama

While flat white kitchen cabinets can give the room a colder modern feel having kitchen cabinets glazed does quite the opposite.

Not only does glazing make the room warmer and homier but it adds a dramatic element to the room.

The darker and more lines/layers you do of the glaze, the more dramatic the effect becomes. This antique look and drama lead to the room feeling much more expensive and curated.

Bring Out The Details

If you have gone to the expense of custom cabinets with gorgeous details you want people to see them right?

When you paint a piece in all one color, the details can be lost when lighting the space. Glazing helps make shadows where they may not exist with light alone.

Adding some less dramatic glazing gives your details a subtle pop so nobody misses these little pieces of the design.

Cabinet glaze gives life and dimension to a feature that can sometimes be lost and fall flat in the space.

Glazing Is Great For A Custom Dramatic Look

To glaze or not to glaze will depend on the overall design and feel of your home.

Glazed kitchen cabinets can help add a traditional drama to your kitchen or bathroom but will also be warmer, feel more antique, and less modern.

Ready to customize your space? You can read all about our glazing process here.

Have some more questions about what your needs are? Not sure if this would be right for your home? Please reach out to us and we can answer any concern you may have.

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