Whether you are loving or listing, the kitchen is one of the biggest factors for the interior design of a home. In fact, you can expect an 81% return on your investment when it comes to even minor kitchen improvements!

If you’re on the look for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out seven timeless kitchen designs that can help you create the perfect space!

1. Backsplashes

2021 trends are promising, beautifully detailed backsplashes. This is one area that you don’t have to go plain Jane on. With clean, shining new tiles, you’ll protect your surfaces and add an extra flair to your space.

2. Wood

Are white cabinets outdated? It seems that wood might be passing up the all-white trends we’ve seen in the past. Wood is a great example of a timeless kitchen remodel idea.

This option adds a bit of warmth and welcomes to the home—a big contrast to the sterile all-white look that has been popular in recent years.

3. Minimalistic

While an all-white kitchen set up might be on the downturn, 2021 is still loving the minimalistic nature. Recently, Netflix spotlights the much loved Marie Kondo, who has been inspiring people to tidy up.

While some might think of it as boring, it’s never been out of style to be clean and tidy.

4. Dark Colors

Darker colors have come to the forefront, with people being unafraid to head into the darkness! Dark countertops are in, including dark grey, navy blue, and black tones. This sharp contrast from the popular all-white trends is one to watch out for.

5. Islands

Islands work great for extra countertop space, entertaining, eating, storage, and more! They are a simple feature that you can add to any broad area to bring it all together.

One popular look is adding a slightly different look to your cabinets than your island. Keep a theme but add in some contrast.

6. Revamp It

Don’t completely toss out the old. You can accomplish a lot by simply refinishing your cabinets. You can mix modern and vintage to create great juxtaposition. Vintage is in and can create a timeless modern kitchen.

Working with what you have is a way to cut costs as well. This affordable revamp will have you loving kitchen.

7. Neutral Tones

Playing it safe is always an option when it comes to neutral tones. Tans, greys, and softer tones are wonderful for timeless kitchen color schemes.

Everyone will be sure to love the color, so you can please the pickiest of buyers if you are selling. If you are prone to redecorating, this can save you some time and more possibilities when it comes to style.

Upgrade Your Home With Timeless Kitchen Designs

Bring your space up to par with these timeless kitchen design ideas. With all that time you’re spending in awe of your new kitchen, you might just pick up some more cooking skills!

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