Renovating your kitchen is one of the best ways to see a return on investment should you sell your home.

But knowing where to start with all the design decisions can be overwhelming.

Are you getting ready to give your kitchen an uplift? Cabinet doors can be one of the most daunting design elements so if you need some help, keep reading below for some great tips!

Let the Cabinet Style Help You Choose

Many people struggle to choose colors because they fear they will end up with an incohesive design. The way to avoid this is to let your cabinet style dictate your color options.

Do you have traditional style elements? Creams and whites will be beautiful.

But if you have a more updated kitchen with modern cabinets, you have tons of color options. Bright colors are a great way to create a unique and inspirational space. Plum is expected to be a popular choice this year.

Grab some paint swatches at your local home store and bring them home to test.

Consider the Size of Your Kitchen

The next element to consider when choosing a color for your cabinet doors is your kitchen size. If you have a tiny kitchen, stick to light and bright colors like white and creme.

Dark colors are a smart choice only if you have a bigger space that can handle dark cabinets.

Be sure to also consider how well lit your kitchen is. Just like a small space, if you lack enough lighting, you should avoid dark colors to keep the space feeling bigger and brighter than it actually is.

Check out these additional tips for making a small kitchen feel larger.

Create Contrast

One tip for cabinet design is to create contrast with two different colors. One example is using black cabinets with everything else white in the kitchen.

If you feel a little daring, you can also use a couple different colors for your cabinets. This works best if you use a bold color as an accent. This will prevent it from being overbearing.

Play around with different color palettes to find what will suit you.

One Color Variations

If you don’t trust yourself to choose contrasting colors, one final tip we can offer is to use one single color, but in different shades.

Try using a dark gray or tan on your lower cabinets and a light gray or tan for the top. This will leave you with a very cohesive design, but one with some visual interest.

Perfect Your Cabinet Doors Today

Follow these few tips and tricks and you will ensure you end up with a kitchen of your dreams. Whether you paint them black, white, or green, your kitchen will be a place to entertain and spend time with loved ones for years to come.

Do you have some additional questions? Maybe you are ready to set up a consultation? Please contact us, we look forward to speaking with you!

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